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Our Team

Urban Health Solutions is a non-profit organization founded by concerned community activists (2000) in direct response to the overwhelming health problems of Philadelphia’s low-income minority communities. Our goal is to bridge the lack of preventive health education in the Philadelphia area. Utilizing a corps of trained physicians and medical staff, the organization offers targeted and culturally medical and educational services, provided in both individual and age-appropriate group settings.

To fulfill its mission of providing educational and preventive medical outreach services, Urban Health Solutions does intergenerational programming in the following areas of health care education and services.

We Serve Our Community

  • HIV Primary Care Medical Services (Ryan White)
  • HIV Outreach and Prevention Education
  • Family Planning Services
  • Education Programs (Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer and Asthma)
  • Camp Urban Solutions

Urban Health Solutions has implemented a youth health program aimed at assisting young people in our community become responsible for their physical and mental wellbeing. We receive community feedback twice a year from our consumer advisory board.

Urban Health Solutions, Inc.
1408 S. Broad Street, 1st Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19146